6 Places To Donate Used Toys In The UK

If you didn’t get a chance to declutter your kid’s toys before Christmas, you might be feeling a bit inundated.

Don’t worry. I’ve got you! This post lists all the places to donate unwanted, used toys.

donate used toys

1. Donate used toys to charities

Providing the toys are in a resaleable condition, most charity shops will accept them.

I know the guilt of throwing away broken toys, but please don’t be tempted to stick them in the charity bag anyway. It just gives them another job to do!

Some charities even offer free collections, such as the British Heart Foundation, though this is more for furniture, electricals and homeware.

There are ways to recycle broken toys rather than sending them to landfill. For a complete directory of what you can and can’t recycle, click here to visit Recycle Now.

2. Donate toys on Olio

Simply download the Olio app for free on your phone and set up an account; this is very easy and takes a few minutes.

Next, take a few quick photos of the item you’d like to declutter and upload. Write a simple description, it only really needs to be the item name, this isn’t like eBay.

Then post it, and if somebody wants it, they’ll message you!

You then arrange a collection time or period, and that’s it. It is straightforward. You don’t even need to meet the person or be at home. I often put the item in a plastic bag under my porch and tell them where it is. Olio is an easy way to donate used toys.

3. Give away on Facebook buy nothing groups

Facebook groups are a great way to get rid of toys for free. Just be aware that you might get a high volume of messages if you’re giving them away!

You must have a Facebook account and then find a local group by typing in the search bar.

4. Donate to church nurseries

Church nurseries often rely on toy donations but ensure they are clean and not broken. I always advise ringing beforehand or popping in before taking a load of toys in! They may have enough already.

5. Toys 4 Life

Toys 4 Life is a family-run charity. You can donate used toys, provided they are not damaged, but jigsaws are not accepted. There are banks nationwide; click here to find your nearest.

6. The Teddy Trust

If you have teddies your kids no longer want, provided they are clean, cuddly and not too big, you can send them to The Teddy Trust. They send teddies worldwide to children in need, such as in Syria, Ukraine, Iraq and Turkey, to refugee camps, orphanages, hospitals and clinics.

Did you find this post helpful? If so, please comment below to let me know!

Amy xx

-Your decluttering bestie

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