Virtual: Space & Storage Planning

What is virtual Space & Storage Planning?

Often your space can work harder for you, but sometimes it’s tricky to find the right solution. Instead of wasting time and money buying the wrong storage or furniture, why not get advice from an expert! 

Perhaps your family has expanded and you need to rethink a room and maximise space by installing clever storage solutions. Maybe your space just doesn’t work and it’s driving you mad, but you can’t seem to fix it. A fresh pair of expert eyes will give you the answer. If you have started working from home more and need a dedicated room or space set up, we can help with that.

We can advise on furniture placement, storage solutions or bespoke built in units that a joiner could build for you. 

Moving house is getting increasingly expensive with high mortgage rates, fees, removal costs and not to mention the increase in price to gain that extra square footage. So instead of thinking about moving to gain space, why not hire us first to maximise your space! We have even suggested new partition walls as well as the removal of walls and have seen the incredible results, without the need of a “for sale” board.

This is perfect if you...

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You need storage advice or space planning for a specific area of your home.


Are living through a home renovation and need to know how to deal with the current chaos or which storage solution to design into the build/remodel.

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You need extra space but don't want to or can't move house.

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You live outside of our in-home travel distance and do not wish to cover additional mileage and time charges or overnight accommodation.

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You need professional advice, but are happy to implement the practical side yourself without our help.

How the session works:

After your initial enquiry, we will arrange a complimentary 20-minute call to discuss what you need help with; this isn’t compulsory if time is of the essence. I will ask you to send me some photos and/or videos of the space in question by email or WhatsApp, along with a rough budget for storage and space solutions. 

We will arrange a suitable time for the hour session, and we will send you a calendar invite and confirmation email, including the Zoom meeting details and link to join.

During the session, I will advise you on how best to use the space efficiently and storage ideas, including containers, furniture or built-in solutions. I will explain how to organise the space in the best way and suggest moving items to other areas of your home if necessary. The session is completely tailored to you, your space, and what you need help with; there isn’t a strict structure to the session. 


If you want our expertise but have a question, you can book your complimentary consultation call via the booking calendar by clicking the “book now” button below. Alternatively, if you know you need this service, please go ahead and book your session, and we will be in touch to arrange the initial pre-session call if needed. 

After the hour session, we will write a detailed follow-up email including exact products or example storage solutions as well as an overview of what we covered in the session. You will receive this email within an hour post-session.

One room or area is included per session. 

Your Investment

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