Sell Your Unwanted Clothes, 5 Ways To Monetize!

Do you want to sell your pile of unwanted clothes?

I’m a big fan of a good old wardrobe clear-out at The Space Creator. Given that it’s a great way to create space, you can sell and make cash, too. Oh, and did I mention it’s seriously cathartic?

One question I get asked repeatedly is, “Where can I sell my clothes?” Well, I’ve answered your question here!

Read on to find out how to monetise your wardrobe!

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Sell on eBay – Popular, everyone knows it, discounted fee offers

Well, when you think of a selling site, you probably think of eBay first.

Another great thing about eBay is that they often do £1 max selling fees

Fees: 12.8% of the final value 35p listing fee

Sell on Depop – Best for cashing in on vintage items, younger buyers

Fashion Influencers often sell clothing on Depop. Their job is to advertise clothing for brands, so understandably, they will have mountains more than the rest of us. “Gifting” is a popular marketing option for some brands, particularly smaller brands working with micro-influencers. Unbelievably some brands still think that sending a free top is payment for hours of work creating content. Skirts weren’t on the list when I last looked into bill payment options. But that’s a story for another day! So, to gain some payment for their time, once they’ve got the perfect shot, it goes onto Depop! If you’ve seen a dress on Instagram, you’ll likely find it on Depop!

But the good news is, you don’t need thousands of social media followers to sell on Depop! Use hashtags in the listing, such as #whitedress #size10dress, for better visibility.

Fees: You’ll be charged 10% for each sale, including shipping. The percentage is taken from the total amount. For example, if you sold something for £15 and added £3 for shipping, your fee to Depop would be £1.80. Plus, you’ll also pay a 2.9% transaction fee using PayPal or Depop. Be wary about allowing your buyer to pay by bank transfer. If Depop finds out, you’ll get a grumpy email! They could even suspend or delete your account if you repeat offend! I know this because when I first joined, having no idea how to use the app, a buyer asked me this question, as they didn’t have Paypal set up, and I agreed… Luckily, I just received a grumpy email! You also won’t have any rights if something goes wrong with the transaction.

reTHREAD – Great for an easy ride

This is a new discovery; I’ve not yet used it, so this is site information only.

The concept is based on them doing all the work, saving you the hassle. This sounds great, as selling in other ways can be a big faff for a small reward (I’ve done it enough times).

So how does reTHREAD work? Essentially, you order a free selling kit that they send out to you. You then fill the bag with your items and send it off from a collect+ point; they’ll do the hard work for you. Professional photography, expert listings, and all the SEO optimisation needed to sell your item. You’ll need to check the list of brands and items they accept before you send.

Also, do check the payout structure. You won’t receive 100% of the sale price, as they’ve done the work for you. By the looks of it, you’ll receive between 40-70% of the net sale price. Still, it’s better than having your unwanted clothes gathering dust and cluttering up your space.

Fees: Various

Vestiaire Collective – Perfect for designer clothing and accessories

If you have a designer handbag you don’t love anymore, why not get your money back through Vestiaire? Often, classic designer items hold, if not increase, value. Particularly if we’re talking about Chanel or Hermes!

Providing your item is one of these 5000 brands; you can go ahead and sell on the French-owned resale site.

How does it work? You download the app and list your item. When your item sells, you ship it to them for free. The experts will check the quality and authenticity before sending it to your buyer. They sort out the payment and then you will receive up to 80% of the value. Click here for details.

I think it’s much better and easier to sell your designer pieces through a specialist than somewhere like eBay. As there can be issues with authenticity, they can remove genuine items for looking fake when they’re not! The same if you’re looking to buy. Personally, I would never buy a second-hand designer item from anywhere other than a specialist seller. Vestiaire has an in-house team of experts who check the authenticity of each item that arrives.

Fees: For a selling price between £130 and £7000, you’ll pay a 15-25% commission. £130 or under, you pay a fixed £13 commission and above £7000, you pay a fixed fee of £1750. For more details, check here.

Facebook Marketplace – Ideal for local selling and zero fees

With roughly 2.85 billion users, Facebook is the largest social media site in the world.

Of course, your listing won’t be seen by that many people, though it might feel like it with the volume of messages you’ll receive! I’ve had quite a number of silly messages, with an influx when I’ve listed something for free! Still, you can’t go wrong with zero fees, and it’s quite easy to list. You can do so here.

Fees: Free

If you want to organise your wardrobe but don’t know where to start, grab my wardrobe detox checklist, a full guide with step-by-step instructions to declutter and organise your wardrobe properly!

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