Habits are notoriously tricky to both break and form.

I’ve broken a few bad ones in my life (phew!) and formed a few more great ones. But not without the aid of some form of habit tracker.

After a lot of research, it turns out that it takes over two months, 66 days apparently, for something to become automatic. So forget the 21-day myth!

I’ve created this monthly habit tracker to get your new habit nailed on one sheet of paper.

You’ll be able to tick off each day that you succeed and see it visually to give you more motivation not to miss a day! These do work, tried and tested by me for quitting wine for Dry January! (P.S I carried it on, and I’ve still not even had a cheeky glass! I also use them for eating more fruit each day.

What habit do you want to bust or create?


What’s Included:

A4 size

1 habit tracker for instant download, save and print as many times as you like!

Please note: No physical product will be sent