How to get rid of moths in your home – 9 Tips

Do you have moths tucking into your beautiful cashmere jumpers?

You would expect to find moths hanging around your lights, but not clothes moths. They prefer to be hidden away in dark, warm conditions such as your wardrobes!

Although choosing to buy and wear clothes made from natural materials is much better for the environment, it can be a red carpet invitation for moths.

So how do I banish the beasts?

Please don’t panic; there are several ways to deal with them, most being free!

Check out my list below; I’ve also mentioned the best ways to prevent them from arriving and taking up residence.

But first, what are the signs?

Did you know that it’s the larvae that create the damage? That’s right; adult moths don’t even have mouths! Who knew?

  • Your clothes and closet smell musty
  • Strange holes start appearing in your clothes
  • Funny looking cocoons hanging out in the corners of your wardrobe
  • Actual moths flying around
  • Larvae on your clothes, they look like tiny sticky tubes
  • If you own any fur clothes or accessories, they will likely shed excessively
How to prevent moths

1.) Empty your wardrobes

If you’ve found out that moths have been feasting on your garms, the first thing to do is get everything out of the closet ASAP. Clean it to within an inch of its life. Vacuum and wipe down all surfaces just using a vinegar-based cleaner. You can easily make this yourself. Look out for an upcoming post all about natural cleaning, but for now, essentially you need equal parts distilled white vinegar and filtered water with a few drops of essential oils if you wish.

2.) Wash natural fibre clothes

Moths have great taste; they only like to chow down on natural fibres, such as wool and cashmere. So your other man-made material pieces will be safe. You must wash all-natural fibre clothes, ideally at a slightly higher temperature than usual, to kill the larvae, but of course, please check the manufacturing label. I don’t want to be blamed for any shrinkage going on here!

3.) Go cold, freezing cold

Moth eggs and larvae won’t survive being frozen. Unless you have a chest freezer, you’ll struggle to freeze every item of clothing. Anything that looks particularly affected, put it inside a sealed bag and freeze it for 24-48 hours.

4.) Ironing

Why not try ironing if you don’t want to go down the freezing route? This will kill them off just as well.

5.) Cedarwood

The oils naturally repel moths in red cedar wood.

You can buy cedar wood hangers, though these can be costly. There are also cedarwood rings that fit over the neck of your existing hangers, which will be cheaper. Cedarwood balls are perfect for keeping in your drawers or pop them into a fabric bag for the closet.

Keep in mind that they’ll generally stop working after around three months, but a nifty trick is to sand them down. This will give them a new lease of life, and they’ll start to release their aroma once more.

6.) Make your own natural repellent

Get yourself a small cloth bag, add in dried thyme, rosemary, cloves, lavender or bay leaves.

7.) Order a natural moth spray


If you don’t have time to create your own, there are products available to order online, such as these.

8.) Buy moth traps

There are many different traps on the market. Sticky traps work just like flypaper. You could go for the pheromone type; these attract adult males who then get stuck and can’t fertilise the eggs. A glamorous business, isn’t it?

9.) Hire a professional

If you think the job is too big or you’re not up to it, you could hire pest control to eliminate the problem.

In conclusion, don’t panic…

As you can see there are numerous ways to solve the somewhat inconvenient challenge of the moth.

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