Decluttering & Organising

So, what's it all about?

Decluttering and organising is most certainly not a one-size-fits-all task, and we tailor our services precisely to your needs.  Amy offers practical help, guidance and support with decluttering your belongings and organising your space. Whilst setting up easy-to-manage systems that your whole family can understand, ensuring your home stays as organised as possible in the future. Storage planning and design advice are offered to give you maximum storage and create the best space for the items that need to live there.

If you’re worried about what you’ll do with all the items we have decluttered, there’s no need to fret; we can take a boot-full of charity items away at no extra cost, so there is less for you to worry about and organise a collection for you for any excess. 

Clutter can be overwhelming, and it’s often tricky to know where to start. Having a fresh pair of expert eyes on your space can make a difference. We can see solutions to problems you may have been struggling with for years. Whether your whole house needs decluttering, or you’d like us to re-organise your kitchen to maximise space and increase efficiency, we can help.

Amy has helped people from all walks of life with different levels of clutter, so if you’re feeling nervous about asking for help, you don’t need to be; from homes that seem immaculate from the outside, with hidden chaos in cupboards, to homes bursting at the seams. Uncontrollable wardrobes, garden sheds turned upside-down, bedrooms with no visible carpet, kitchens fit to burst. We have indeed seen it all, and are here to help you, not judge you!

And if you have no clutter, but want your pantry organised to perfection, with food decanted into chic jars and baskets as though straight out of a magazine, look no further…

Any area of your home, garden & office can be organised and decluttered...

How does the process work?

We will have an initial 20-minute consultation call to discuss your requirements and goals. If a home consultation is needed, this will then be booked and paid for. We will email you our terms and conditions to be agreed to and signed. A 50% deposit will secure your session and a booking confirmation, along with an online calendar invite will be emailed to you with relevant details.

For organising jobs where storage is required, a home consultation must be booked to enable us to measure up and order the correct storage or provide you with links to order the items to arrive prior to our session visit.

In most cases, for decluttering jobs, we will work alongside you for the duration, guiding your decision-making; we cannot do this alone, so please ensure that you book a session for a time that is convenient. For decluttering jobs where there is ample space with free surfaces and the circumstances are ideal, we can pull everything out and categorise the items without you. You will then be called in to make decisions and if necessary leave again whilst we re-organise the keep items if your time is short.

For organisation and storage jobs, you do not necessarily need to be present if you have work or other commitments. We can complete the organisational transformation alone for a big reveal when you arrive home! 

Every job and client is different, so we will establish the best way forward during the initial call or home consultation. 

What's included?

  • Travel is included up to 20 miles from OX14 4EJ in all sessions.

We are happy to travel further afield for a small fee of £0.50 per mile and we will quote you for this before confirming bookings. If travel surpasses 45 minutes, then time is charged going forward at our hourly rate, please check our FAQs & Pricing page here for detailed information and rates. 

  • We can take a boot-full of charity items away at no extra cost, saving you the hassle of doing this yourself.

Many organisers charge extra for this, but we like to leave you to rest and relax after your session without worrying about where to take unwanted items! 

  • A one-hour home consultation is included, initially costing £50, but deductible if you go on to book a session.

We usually work on a half-day, full-day or extended-day basis, and these sessions can be booked directly into our diary, showing real-time availability using our online booking calendar. If you plan on hiring us for a few sessions or regular help, save money and time with bookings and secure your ideal dates by purchasing the 24-hour package via the booking calendar, you’ll save £150.

Please note: For weekend sessions, a £5 surcharge per hour is applicable. 

The service that we provide is life-changing...

Decluttering is not just about the “stuff”. It’s about processing the emotions attached to your belongings. There is a lot more involved than simply clearing the clutter. Clutter is often a symptom of past trauma or life changes. Amy will help you process your emotions, overcome deep-rooted limiting self-beliefs, and change your habits. 

We will help you set up organisational systems in your home and life that will save time and money. Less stress and family tension, and less waste, lowering your carbon footprint and guilt.

The health benefits of living in a clutter-free, well-organised home are staggering. Your sleep will improve, along with your mood, relationships, mental health, physical health and finances.

Once your home is tidy, clean and organised, you will live an elevated life; this is a fact.

If you have questions, click here to view our frequently asked questions page. If you don’t see the answer, book a free discovery call here or email us, and we will get back to you within 48 hours.

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