Virtual Declutter Coaching

What is Declutter Coaching?

Decluttering is just as much a mental task as it is physical, in some ways more so. The number of decisions one must make during a decluttering session is phenomenal! Hence the bizarre concoction of relief, joy and exhaustion often felt after a session.

The generic decluttering advice plastered over the internet and social media doesn’t always work because everyone is very different. Every person’s brain processes situations and emotions in nuanced ways. Something we suggest to one client may be different to another. So if you have been struggling for years with no progress, decluttering coaching will be an effective route to implement long-lasting changes.

Clutter is often a symptom and can be the result of past trauma or life change. Together we will figure out your goals, I will help you visualise the life you desire, and then we will get to work. Uncovering the reasons behind your clutter and disorganisation. Overcoming blocks you might be facing. Changing your habits, mindset and limiting self-beliefs.

Using affirmations and other tools between sessions whilst completing small decluttering tasks for quick wins, you’ll start to rewire your brain and make lasting changes. It takes time to reverse years of bad habits and self-sabotage, it’s not an overnight process, but if you put the work in, with my help, you will change your life. 

With a wealth of experience, knowledge and fantastic client results, I can coach you through your challenges, in a one-off session or with ongoing support. My services are entirely confidential and non-judgemental. Please note, I am not a therapist.

This service is perfect if you:

How declutter coaching works...

We will have a 20-minute telephone or Zoom consultation call to discuss your situation in brief, the areas you would like help with and your ultimate goal if you are aware of it. The consultation is free of charge and allows you to find out how I can help you and see if we are a good fit. Discussing your situation on this call means that we can get straight to work during your session if you choose to book! No advice will be given in this call. 

Decluttering can be challenging, with all sorts of emotions cropping up, and we must establish whether we can work together. If I do not believe I can help you, I will let you know. Whilst being fully aware that your situation is real and serious, I like to bring an element of fun, joy and positivity to the situation, as I firmly believe it helps.

If you want my support and expertise, you can book your complimentary consultation call or one-off session via the booking calendar, clicking the “book now” button below. 

Declutter coaching is by application only, after a consultation call, to ensure that we are the right fit to work together to achieve the best results for you. Kickstart Power Hours include a detailed follow up email with your tailored plan of action and to-do list to help you focus on achieving the goal discussed.

Your Investment

Kickstart Power Hour

Regular Declutter Coaching Packages

Don't just take it from me...

“Before, it felt so overwhelming not knowing where to start and that nothing would make a difference. Now, after our virtual session, I see the opportunity to declutter small bits every day… and I can already see the difference!

Our session made such a difference to my approach; rather than being overwhelmed, I look forward to the 5, 10 or 30-minute of decluttering. I feel happier and love getting that dopamine hit from all the mini-wins!

Now I can see a way ahead… Does that make you a lighthouse?!”

-Fee, London

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