I’ve tested out a number of sustainable swaps, so you don’t have to!

Why am I looking for sustainable swaps when I’m a professional organiser? You might be wondering.

Well, over the last few years, particularly since I started my business, I’ve become extremely concerned about the environmental and climate issues our planet faces. Seeing on a daily basis the extreme amount of excess stuff we all have, the waste we produce and the overindulgent consumerism is truly worrying. As a professional organiser and declutterer, I usually try to create space for clients. So any products that can save space, as well as being better for the environment, is something I’m always on the lookout for.

So let’s dive into a few of the products I’ve tried out…

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1.) Deodorant

When it comes to deodorants, let me tell you, I’ve tried a lot of different brands. I’ve also tried a few sustainable options to boot.

Until I tried this Orange and Bergamot Active Deodorant Balm from The Natural Deodorant Co, I was mightily disappointed. Given that I can generally be found running up and down the stairs, in and out of homes taking trips back and forward to the car with boxes of unwanted clutter, I’m fairly active. So I need a deodorant that does what it says on the tin.

I’ve always found that the “not-so-good for your health or planet” spray deodorants have worked best for me. Due to the aforementioned issues, I’ve been searching for a natural cream or balm as a replacement. However, everything I have tried up until finding The Natural Deodorant Co has been, quite frankly, hopeless.

The fragrance is wonderful. It contains 100% natural ingredients, free from toxins and chemicals, and is vegan and cruelty-free. Oh, and it works! Well, for me anyway… we are, of course, all different.

How much is it? This sustainable swap comes in at £12.50, granted a bit pricier than others, but the main thing is, it works. I’ve paid less, and I’ve paid more for other options, but the fact is, they haven’t worked! If it doesn’t work, it’s a waste of money. I’d rather invest in something that works and that’s also good for me and for the environment.

The added bonus? It takes up a fraction of the space of a conventional spray bottle, and the glass jar is fully recyclable. An all-around winner, I feel.

2.) Soap

A real find from Friendly Soap Ltd. With great ethical credentials, they are a small business based in Yorkshire, UK and produce, in my opinion, the most wonderful soaps!

My favourites are the Natural Activated Charcoal Detox with rosemary and lime, which is great to shower away the day’s grime, and Peppermint & Poppy Seed, which is stunningly refreshing for use in the morning. I purchased six from &Keep as they had an offer. Most importantly, I had space to house them – please don’t overbuy unless you have the space.

These soaps are handmade and packaged in plastic-free, recycled and recyclable packaging. Free from palm oil, parabens, sulphates, triclosan, phthalates and cruelty. Much better for the planet than many well-known body wash and soap brands in plastic bottles and packaging. Again, they need much less space to store too.

I highly recommend these as a sustainable swap, and someone would be hard-pushed getting me to use anything other than Friendly Soap from now on.

3.) Toothpaste

Denttabs, is another product I’ve seen all over the media and have been keen to try. Mainly, I despise squeezing the remaining toothpaste out and then cutting the empty tube in half to clean it before recycling it. Many aren’t even recyclable.

They arrive in a small compostable paper bag, with 125 tabs inside. Instead of putting conventional paste onto your brush, you put this in your mouth first and chew. Then you brush. It’s a bit strange at first, but once you get used to it, they are great. Far less messy than a tube and much less waste. Once the bag is done, just stick it in your compost; hurrah. They contain fluoride, so your teeth are still getting cleaned properly.

At £5.75 for 125, I think these are a great sustainable swap and would recommend them.

4.) Shampoo and Conditioner

I have been desperate to find a good sustainable swap for shampoo, a solid shampoo bar. I liked the look of an Argan & Oatmilk bar from Funky Soap.

This was a strange one as initially, I didn’t like it… After washing my hair and rinsing, It felt sticky as though I’d not rinsed it out properly, but I had. It left a strange waxy residue. I thought once I’d left my hair to dry naturally, it would go, but alas, it felt horrible, and I had to re-wash my hair. Thankfully, in this case, I’d not quite finished the last of my existing shampoo before trying this.

A few good points, the smell was lovely, the brand credentials are excellent, as are the ingredients, and actually, I’m still on the fence about the conditioner.

*Whilst writing this post and needing to check the exact ingredients, I re-read the blurb about the product on the website, and it states that hair needs time to adjust. I have since tried it again with the same results! But I will continue with this and see if my hair can get used to it… I’ll add an update below in a couple of weeks.

5.) Beeswax Food Wraps

A must-have in all kitchens. Ditch the annoying cling film; it’s nasty stuff, so bad for the environment and always a pain to find the end.

Beeswax wraps are available as individual sheets or in a roll which you can cut to size. There are so many cute designs, but I bought a roll so that I could specifically cut to size each time I need it.

The heat from your hands moulds it to the shape of whatever you are wrapping up so that it stays in place.

Once used, just wash it with cold water, leave it to dry, then fold it up and put it neatly away. They take up barely any room, literally slotting into a small gap and are so handy for covering all sorts of food, especially sandwiches.

Plus, you don’t get that gross, sweaty sandwich situation like you can end up with when using cling film!

6.) Reusable make-up remover pads

A sustainable swap that I believe everyone should make this instance! I don’t think I could bear the thought of buying throwaway cotton pads these days after using reusable make-up pads for the last year.

So simple. You use, rinse and then chuck in the wash. I keep the little laundry bag in the drawer under my sink. Each time I use one, I pop it in the bag. Then when I’m doing a 40′ wash, I add these in.

You buy them once… um, and that’s it. A great investment – when you buy disposable, you are basically throwing your money in the bin. I love the Regn reusable pads. A pack of 22 with a laundry bag is just £8.99. &Keep also have super soft bamboo pads, 10 for £5.75, with a wash bag.

It states that you can use these on nail polish, though I’ve yet to try this. I rarely use nail polish, but when I do I’ll test it out. I would probably use one of the older pads because the polish will stain and I’d rather not use the same one again on my face!

7.) Laundry Detergent Sheets

I had seen these advertised on Instagram long before I decided to try them. Mostly because I was highly sceptical – having said that, there were rave reviews and Instagram comments, and they didn’t look fake. My previous washing liquid came in a big, bulky bottle that took up a lot of room in my cleaning cupboard, so I was itching to find a replacement.

After much research, I decided to go for the Dip. The key to saving money when washing is always waiting until you have a full load – you’ll save a tonne of money in electricity, too. One strip will do a full load. Half a strip = half a load.

So what’s the cost? It put me back around £26, which works out at £0.45 per wash. My previous washing liquid cost £9.00 for “57 washes”. You might think that’s a big jump, right? But it never used to last 57 washes. It felt like I got 30 or less out of it, constantly buying more and recycling the bottles. There is always an issue with using too much when you have a liquid detergent, so it wasn’t much cheaper. That problem is eradicated with strips.

Anyway – Impressed is the right word for the Dip strips. It not only works, but it’s better than my old detergent.

They are biodegradable and compostable, vegan, cruelty-free, paraben and phosphorate-free, free of dyes and chlorine, and the packaging is fully recyclable.

I don’t know about you, but I’m ok with spending a bit extra to give me more space, almost a quarter of a shelf; and alleviate the guilt of such a lot of plastic waste. If you want to try them out, click here to get an extra 10% off!

My Conclusion

All in all, I’m very pleased with my research and my new products, and I hope it helps you too. 6/7 wins certainly isn’t a bad percentage!

I’m always searching for better options, but I endeavour to finish the products I already have first, and I advise you to do the same. After all, the most sustainable thing you can do is to use what you already own first, AND you don’t want to end up with clutter.

Thanks for reading!

Did you find this post useful? If so, please comment below to let me know!

Amy xx

-Your decluttering bestie

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