5 Reasons You Should Declutter Clothes That Don’t Fit!

How do you feel when you open your wardrobe in the morning? Like, reaaally feel? When was the last time you actually stopped to think about it?

If you feel uninspired, regretful, unhappy, frustrated, anxious, fed up, or frumpy when you choose your outfit of the day, then a wardrobe detox is well overdue.

5 reasons you should declutter clothes that don't fit

It’s something that we tend to put off or procrastinate over, making it out to be some gigantic task that’s going to take at least 3 weeks to complete! When in reality, if you’re prepared and stay focussed, it could take as little as an hour from start to finish – depending on the size and quantity of clothes, of course.

If you want to declutter your wardrobe like a pro, efficiently and painlessly, my step-by-step Ultimate Wardrobe Detox Guide will give you all the tools, knowledge and confidence you need to get the job done finally. Wow, will you feel a big ol’ weight lift once you’re done…

But first, here are a few reasons to let go of clothes that don’t fit you ASAP!

1. You are not meant to fit into your clothes… Your clothes are meant to fit YOU

Let’s take a step back for a second. What is the basic purpose of clothes? For modesty, to protect us from the elements, rain, wind, heat, and dust, and to provide comfort.

So why, then, are we holding onto clothes that are not providing us with any of the most basic means? If you can’t wear the clothes because they don’t fit, they are just taking up space in your wardrobe and your mind.

The common argument is, “But they might fit me one day”. This, my friend, is a block because you don’t want to admit defeat or accept the truth. Harsh? Yes and no. It’s pretty blunt, admittedly, but I promise you, I say it with good intentions because I know the transformations that happen once you’ve pushed through the fear. I have seen hundreds of women light up, beaming with confidence and relief, feeling fabulous once the clothes are gone.

In the middle of an active (not just thinking about it) weight loss/gain journey? That’s a bit different, and the nitty-gritty how-to is covered in my Ultimate Wardrobe Detox Guide. But essentially, set yourself a goal, make a plan including exercise, healthy eating and meal planning, give yourself a realistic deadline and review again on the date.

2. Seeing clothes that don’t fit is NOT motivation…

It causes stress, negative self-talk, anxiety and quite frankly, it’s going to make you feel RUBBISH. Seeing your size 8 jeans from 15 years ago every single day, reminding yourself that they are too small, or even you are too big, is self-torture. And, In reality, do you even want to be a size 8 again? Or are you just seeing the past through rose-tinted lenses?

By the way, this was me a few years ago, hoarding piles and piles of clothes that I legit would never wear again… wow, did I feel like a new woman when I finally let them go! The hilarious thing was that most of the clothes weren’t even things I liked anymore, my style has obviously changed over the years, and I wouldn’t have dreamed of wearing some of the ensembles I was clinging onto…

A little bit of confidence is being chipped away every single time you see an item that doesn’t fit. Your negative self-talk is having a ball throwing around insult after insult. But you know what will stop that forever? Getting rid of the clothes that don’t fit!

3. It will feel like you have nothing to wear whenever you open your wardrobe.

Your wardrobe is positively bulging; it could stock a small shop, and yet, nope. Nothing to wear!

Sound familiar?

When your wardrobe is stuffed, it’s very difficult to see anything. Let alone quickly pull out an outfit that will instantly lift you and make you feel like a boss. The one shirt that you know fits well has fallen off the hanger, now creased and covered in dust. And you clearly don’t have time to wash it, or even iron it; if you can remove the dust… *weep*

Imagine opening the doors to see a dust-free, perfectly organised capsule wardrobe containing only outfits that make you feel amazing. You can choose any item safe in the knowledge that it fits you, it’s comfortable and suits your style. No more hopping around the room trying to yank those jeans up your thighs or crying because everything makes you feel shite.

4. Your body is amazing; it does so many incredible things!

Listen, our bodies literally rearrange their internal organs to grow babies. Cut yourself some goddam slack. If you’re reading this and thinking yeah, well, I don’t have any kids, so what’s my excuse? Women’s bodies go through the wringer! Periods, Gynae problems, menopause… Accept yourself as you are right now, and don’t put yourself through the negativity.

5. Once your wardrobe is an organised haven, you will reclaim your TIME!

No more rushing in the morning because you can’t find anything to wear. No more dreading getting dressed. You have nothing to lose and EVERYTHING to gain. Here are a few benefits that you can take advantage of once you finally streamline your wardrobe. More time, space, confidence, mental clarity, better sleep, less laundry and folding, less tidying up, less stress and anxiety, less time needed to clean and refresh your wardrobe, the list is pretty much endless…

This is your sign to stop putting it off; it’s time to simplify your life and stop the self-torture.

Just think, if you knuckle down this weekend and achieve your clutter-free closet, no more Sunday fear because Monday morning will be easy-breezy!

So if you’re ready to finally feel a weight lift, reclaim your space and detox your wardrobe for good:

  • Decide on a time and date and make it non-negotiable.
  • Get prepared with bags or boxes for donation items, textiles waste, selling and repairing.
  • Get stuck in, letting go of anything that is no longer serving you! Make sure you try everything on!
  • Take your unwanted clothes to the charity shop, or list them for sale and get them gone.
  • Congratulate yourself! Reward yourself with something lovely and relaxing, a bubble bath with a glass of your favourite tipple or whatever makes you feel great. (Perhaps don’t buy more stuff!)

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