All the clothes, nothing to wear? You need a wardrobe detox! Here are 5 reasons to declutter your clothes and get excited about it!

Clothes, where do we start? When you have a fit to burst closet, you can’t see the wood for the trees; or should I say outfits for the clothes! On opening your wardrobe, chances are you feel annoyed and deflated for a number of reasons. What you see doesn’t fit you, you don’t really like wearing, or you simply can’t see them being so tightly packed in.

Trust me, I’ve been there. No doubt you say to yourself, probably on a daily basis that you must sort out your wardrobe? Well, there’s no time like the present and I don’t know about you, but I think the above is motivation enough to have a clothes cleanse?

Not convinced yet? Read on!

The feeling of accomplishment afterwards will leave you feeling fabulous for days…

Donating feels good! Well for most people anyway, the warm fuzzy feeling you get when you know you’re doing good for others. Anything you no longer love or wear, you can donate to your local charity shop. Let someone else enjoy that dress, instead of letting it go to waste at the bottom of your wardrobe. Many charity shops will even accept clothes that aren’t in great condition for ragging, nothing needs to go to landfill! (This equals zero guilt)

You could be sat on a pile of cash… no seriously, I made over £230 selling my unwanted clothes after undergoing my own wardrobe detox! Of course like anything, it takes a bit of effort, but it’ worth it. The best places to sell are: Depop Ebay and Vinted or for designer pieces: Vestiaire

Having an organised wardrobe will seriously lower your stress levels.

Imagine getting ready in the morning, easily seeing and choosing your outfit, without causing a “floordrobe” in the process. Not to mention the time you’ll save not having to search high and low for that one cardigan!