5 Highly Effective Kitchen Organisation Products

When your kitchen is organised, your life gets easier and let’s be honest, we all need an easier life…

Meet: Kitchen organisation products! Being able to see exactly what you have in or need immediately sounds simple, but you might be surprised at how uncommon this is amongst UK kitchens!

It’s far more common to have everything shoved in willy-nilly with no rhyme or reason. Foodstuff is forgotten about and left to fester. Out of sight, out of mind.

We’ve all done it; I’m sure you have too. Gone to the shops without a list or at least without checking the cupboards or freezer and come back with far more than intended or needed. Sound familiar?

When was the last time you organised your kitchen? Can you remember? Have you ever done it? Eeek.

Perhaps you’re feeling overwhelmed or worried about what you might discover!

But, I promise you will feel like a fabulous Space Creator afterwards, and your efforts will be rewarded because, on top of the ease factor, you will create less waste and save money on your food shop.

Intrigued? Read on!

Here are my top 5 kitchen organisation products to help whip your kitchen into shape…

1. Chopping board and baking tray racks

One of the most simple kitchen organisation products available, but highly effective. If you have a wall oven with a small cupboard above it, you’ll love this. Those cupboards are often tricky to use well. Most people aren’t 7 feet tall, so they are not the easiest to get to without a chair.

But you’ll be pleased to hear I have the perfect solution. Chopping board and baking tray racks, as shown in the picture below, two side by side, taking up the width of the cupboard.

12 min

Everything is visible and easy to reach up and grab. No need to take everything out to get the one at the bottom!

Chopping boards, pizza trays, cake tins, and baking trays can all go on the racks. If you need a bit more flexibility, you can also buy extendable and adjustable versions. They also work well for pan lids if you’re looking for a solution for those!

2. Turntables

If you’ve been following me for a while, you may know that I used to think these were a bit of a kitchen organisation gimmick and a waste of money; however, they are an absolute godsend in the right situations.

For example, in shallow, skinny kitchen cupboards, they are perfect for oils and bottles of vinegar. As suggested in the image. Whereas previously, you would have had to take out every bottle to get to the one at the back, risking knocking some over and even falling out the cupboard! A potential mess and injury hazard…

iDesign Home Edit Turntable

The one pictured is a pricier option from John Lewis, but the likes of Matalan and B&M have caught onto the kitchen organisation turntable hype, and you can now pick them up for as little as £4. Ikea also has a white one.

These really will save a lot of hassle whilst cooking up a storm!

They are also great for storing daily vitamins, and you can use them elsewhere in the house for toiletries and perfumes.

3. Bottle Holder Storage

Now these won’t create additional space; they possibly take up more space. The benefit is easy visibility and less faffing, moving others out of the way, and bottles flying out of cupboards, which was a regular occurrence for me previously! Using this type of kitchen organisation product also means that, as pictured below, the bottles can be stored higher up, and they are still easy to reach.

TSC Blog Cover Images 8 min

Bottle organisers are often stackable, too, so you can utilise height, depending on the type of cupboard or shelf they are being kept in.

4. Tiered Shelving

As pictured to the left, these are a great bit of kit for storing anything from glasses to spices and food tins.

The height makes it easier to identify which tin you need to get and what you have when scanning around before writing your shopping list.

You can get expandable versions such as this one, utilising the sides and still leaving space for something bigger in the middle. Plastic versions such as the one pictured are available at lots of retailers; I found this one at the bargain price of £5, though I can’t vouch for the quality it offers.

They are particularly good inside deeper cupboards where other items still need to go in front. One of the biggest causes of food waste is not seeing the food! Making visibility easier will prevent food waste, save you money, and lower your carbon footprint.

Food waste is a massive problem and costs the average UK household approximately £800 a year! That could almost cover your rent or mortgage for a month.

So decluttering and investing in some decent kitchen organisation products could save you a fortune.

Meal planning will also help with this. If you don’t do it yet, check out the meal prep bundle to give you a kick start and motivation!

5. Compact cutlery & knife drawer inserts

There are many different cutlery drawer dividers on the market, but if you’re limited on drawer space, as I am, these compact organisers are perfect.

TSC Blog Cover Images 9 min

One for cutlery and one for knives.

I think storing knives is safer in drawers, particularly if you have kids, as you can get drawer locks. It also means less surface clutter by eliminating the need for traditional knife blocks.

A word of warning, though, make sure you don’t cram the cutlery full, as you may find you can’t open the drawer again!

This has happened to me when Tom shoved them all in once, sorry Tom! It was quite irritating and took a lot of vigorous shaking of the drawer to release the offending fork!

They come in bamboo versions if you’re trying to avoid buying plastic. There are also full-size versions for bigger drawers, like this bamboo one and this expandable one.

If you found this kitchen organisation post helpful, let me know in the comments! I’d love to hear your thoughts…

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