10 Essential Travel Packing Tips For Your Stress-Free Holiday

If you’re not super organised, packing can sometimes feel like a stressful or, at best, tedious task!

We haven’t been away for well over 2 years since before our daughter was born, and both Tom and I have been working like maniacs, so we are off to Ibiza this weekend child-free for a relaxing weekend break. We won’t be clubbing. We love Ibiza, and I look forward to a weekend without housework or picking up toys, though my laptop will be coming with me! This was the only way Tom could force me to partially stop working, and I have to admit that I am so ready for it and very grateful to him for booking it!

So, I thought this week would be a good week to discuss packing, seeing as summer is finally here in terms of the sun. This year has flown by so far; I literally cannot believe it’s almost July!

This week, I also have a freebie to thank you for reading my post. You should definitely get it if you’re planning a summer holiday. Stick to the end for details about getting my ultimate travel packing checklist! 

Which segways nicely onto tip number one:

1.) Make a packing list:

Always make a list.

I’m sure you know how frustrating it is to arrive at your beautiful holiday destination, ready to relax, and then get that awful sinking feeling when you realise you’ve forgotten something important, especially if it’s something you can’t easily get out there. You don’t want to have to buy something you already have at home once you get there because you will be wasting money and accumulating clutter!

Start with a comprehensive list of everything you need. Categorise items into essentials like clothes, toiletries, documents, and electronics to ensure nothing important is forgotten.

10 travel packing tips for your next holiday

2.) Check the weather!

This might sound obvious, but it’s amazing how many people don’t check. This helps avoid bringing unnecessary items and ensures you have appropriate clothing and accessories.

3.) Use Packing Cubes

I always thought they were a bit of a gimmick and a possible waste of money; I have been proved wrong.

They are FANTASTIC! I’ve now been on a few trips using these packing cubes, and they made such a difference.

These help organise your belongings, making it easier to find items and keeping your suitcase tidy. Some of them also compress your clothes, saving space. I have linked the exact ones I use; click here to buy them. They are as eco-friendly as you can get, made from recycled materials, and they compress your clothes, saving space! 

4.) Roll Your Clothes

Roll don’t fold! That is my advice. Rolling clothes instead of folding them minimises wrinkles and maximises space in your suitcase. It’s also much quicker if you don’t love folding! It’s a win-win.

If it’s a dress, fold it in half longways, tuck the sleeves in and then roll from the bottom as tightly as possible.

Another good thing to do is pack your clothes together. So, lay out your entire outfit, for example, a dress, knickers, bra or shorts, t-shirt, boxers and socks. With smaller items on top, then fold and roll them into one and pack straight into your packing cube or directly into the case. (This won’t work if your bra is underwired or heavily padded).

This works particularly well with kids’ outfits as they tend not to want to mix and match and change things up as much as we adults! Well, depending on their age, of course! But it’s very handy to be able to grab an outfit roll and go.

If you like to watch videos or you want to see an example of both packing cubes and rolling, click here to watch one of my YouTube videos!

5.) Plan your outfits and don’t overpack

So I advise you to choose your outfits and try them on to make sure you’re happy. Don’t forget accessories too, like belts and jewellery. Then, lay them out together on the bed until you have enough for the number of days you’re away. This will make your life so much easier when you get there, and you won’t forget anything either. This is seriously a game-changer.

As a professional organiser, I have been notoriously bad at packing the wrong clothes and massively overpacking myself, though this is generally because I usually don’t give myself time to do it! But I’m pleased to say that I have packed to perfection this time.  

6.) Limit your shoe collection

Shoes take up a lot of space, and I always want to take more than I need! Bring versatile pairs that work for multiple outfits and occasions. Depending on how long you’re going away, try to be realistic; you probably don’t need to take a different pair for every day you’re there unless you’re a fashion blogger.

 7.) Travel-Size Toiletries

A must-have, in my opinion.

The last thing you want is to take a full-sized bottle of shampoo and conditioner if you’re only going away for a week or weekend! It will be bulky, take up unnecessary space and add to the weight of your case. Given that additional baggage weight is extortionate nowadays, you’ll want to avoid having an overweight case.

So, opt for travel-size versions of your toiletries to save space and comply with airline liquid restrictions. If you don’t have any already, you can get some travel-sized reusable bottles to refill every time you go away. These are the silicone BRA-free ones I use; click here to buy yours if you don’t have any yet.

You could also consider solid bars of soap or shampoo. I am still searching for a toxic-free and eco-alternative shampoo, but so far, I’ve not had any luck; nothing I’ve tried has worked! I keep seeing My Kitcsh advertised on Instagram, and I’m tempted to try it. The reviews are amazing, so if you use that or have another recommendation, I’m all ears; please send me a message on Instagram!

 8.) Laundry bags

Don’t give yourself more work; separate your dirty clothes from clean ones when you pack to go home! Get yourself some waterproof, reusable laundry bags like these ones. Or, if you are guilty of having a bag of bags at home, add one or two “bags for life” to put all your dirty clothes in to save washing everything when you come home.

This is a particularly good idea if you fancy a last-minute swim and don’t have time for the swimwear to dry out before packing. Pop it into waterproof bags to save everything else from getting wet. These are the exact ones that I still use, and they came with some older packing cubes that we still use. Or click here to buy standalone waterproof laundry bags.

9.) Use every available space and pack heavy items at the bottom

Fill shoes with socks or small items, and use all available space, including pockets in your bags. This maximizes your packing efficiency.

By packing heavy items at the bottom, you can ensure that the rest of your clothes and belongings won’t get squished when you pull the case along. When I say on the bottom, I mean by the wheels, not flat to the back when the case is flat.

So pack your toiletries and shoes at the bottom and lighter things at the top. If you have a toiletry leakage, hopefully, it will cause less damage at the bottom, too! Although I can’t promise your case will be stored upright in transit, ensure the lids are all on tightly and keep your toiletries in a waterproof case or bags for extra protection.

10.) Pack a small emergency kit

Include a basic first aid kit. If you don’t already have one, this is the one I use. It’s small but mighty. If you need any medications and bite spray, add those too—think about where you are going because it might depend. Take a small sewing kit, too, if you can sew—if you can’t, then there is probably no point! This ensures you’re prepared for minor issues without needing to find supplies and create stress for yourself. 

Bonus tip: Pack the outfit you want to wear on your first evening or day on the top so you have easy access, especially if you arrive in the evening and want to get changed quickly to go straight for dinner!

If you want to make packing easier the next time you go away, you can download my ultimate packing checklist for free by clicking here! This isn’t just a checklist; it has a 9-step guide plus a checklist of things to do at home before you leave and on for things to do before your holiday, such as checking your passport, travel insurance, etc. And you can get it for free!

Thanks for reading!

Did you find this post useful? If so, please comment below to let me know!

Amy xx

-Your decluttering bestie

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