10 Travel Packing Tips For Your Next Holiday

If you’re not super organised, packing can sometimes feel like a bit of a stressful or at best, tedious task!

If I don’t follow my “perfected” rules and have a list, I will forget something. Or go the opposite way, and pack too much of what I don’t need and usually still forget something!

Does this resonate with you?

So I’m given you my top ten tips for successful packing right here!

And because I appreciate you reading this post, I’ve even made a special packing checklist just for you…

1.) Plan your outfits

This is where I come a-cropper if I fail to do this and pack in a rush.

Ending up with a case that’s overweight and NOTHING to wear on holiday!

So my advice is to choose your outfits, try them on to make sure if you need to and then lay them out together on the bed until you have enough for the number of days you’re away for.

We’ll come on to how to pack them soon!

10 travel packing tips for your next holiday

2.) Roll your clothes

My advice is to roll your clothes.

If its a dress fold it in half longways, tuck the sleeves in and then roll from the bottom as tightly as you can.

It is proven that rolling is the most effective way to pack clothes and not just in terms of saving space, but also for minimal creasing. So it’s kind of a win-win situation.

3.) Use packing cubes

It’s only very recently that I’ve discovered the joys packing cubes can bring! Having always thought that they were a bit of a gimmick and a possible waste of money, I have been very much proved wrong.


I’ve now been on two trips using these packing cubes and they made such a difference.

They keep everything neatly contained and you can definitely fit more in, providing you buy light-weight cubes and not the solid type. You can pack outfits together, or categories of items together. With different sized packs for different things.

The ones I bought from Amazon also came with 3 waterproof laundry bags too, which were useful.

4.) Pack clothes made from travel-friendly fabrics

Fabrics such as lyocell, wool and polyester tend to be pretty crease-resistant. Linens and twill are a nightmare for creasing! Though I understand if you’re off somewhere hot you may just have to deal with the fact that you might need to ask the hotel for an iron!

5.) Pack your first outfit on top

If you have a tight schedule or are heading out for dinner as soon as you arrive at the hotel, you might want to pack that outfit at the top.

It will mean you won’t have to unpack your entire case in a rush before heading out to dinner.

You will thank your former self!

6.) Pack heavy items at the bottom

By packing heavy items at the bottom, the rest of your clothes and belongings won’t get squished when your pulling the case along.

When I say on the bottom, I mean by the wheels, not flat to the back when the case is flat.

So pack your toiletries and shoes at the bottom and lighter things at the top.

If you had a toiletry leakage, hopefully it will cause less damage being at the bottom too! Although I can’t promise your case will be stored upright in transit. On that note, make sure the lids are all on tightly!

7.) Laundry bags

I mentioned earlier that the packing cubes came with hand laundry bags, but you don’t need to buy special bags.

You could simply add in a few “bags for life” to put all your dirty clothes in to save washing everything when you come home.

This is a particularly good idea if you fancy a last-minute swim and don’t have time for the swimwear to dry out before packing, pop it into waterproof bags to save everything else from getting wet.

8.) Travel bottles

A must-have in my opinion.

The last thing you want is to take a full-sized bottle of shampoo and conditioner if you’re only going away for a week! It will be bulky, take up unnecessary space and add to the weight of your case.

Given that additional baggage weight is extortionate nowadays you’ll want to avoid having an overweight case.

9.) Pack outfits together

Lay out your entire outfit, for example, dress, knickers, bra or shorts, t-shirt, boxers and socks. With smaller items on top, then fold and roll into one and pack straight into your packing cube, or directly into the case.

This works particularly well with kids outfits as they tend not to want to mix and match and change things up as much as us adults! Well, depending on their age of course! But it’s very handy to be able to grab an outfit roll and go.

10.) Make a list

Always make a list.

I’m sure you know how frustrating it is to arrive at your beautiful holiday destination, ready to relax and then getting that awful sinking feeling when you realise you’ve forgotten something important. Especially if it’s something you can’t easily get out there.

If you fancy grabbing my ready-made packing checklist, click here. It’s filled with not only what you need to remember in your case, but also hand luggage and things to do at home before you leave! Bonus…

And if you would like a more detailed version of this, head over to my new YouTube channel where I have made a video explaining this all to you!

Happy packing!

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